Future Christmas

A modern, creative, even futuristic take on the winter holidays from master musicians, with themes of love, family, social consciousness, deep feeling, passion and lots of fun!

Everyone has their own ideas about the meaning of the winter holiday season. There are many faiths that celebrate a holiday around the time of the winter solstice, and they all have much in common. For me, the common thread is the love of one’s family, (relations or not), and the celebration of one’s home and hearth, whatever the circumstance. In the family tradition that I was raised in, we celebrated the Christmas holiday season in the same way as many American families do, we exchanged presents, decorated the tree, put up the outdoor lights, went caroling and happily consumed my mom’s fantastic holiday cuisine. Although those practices didn’t have a lot to do with any religious significance, we bonded over them and celebrated the joy of our relationships. To me, that is the true meaning of the holiday season, illuminating those long dark days, cherishing those we love, spending time together, and hoping for a bright future. With this in mind, I hope you enjoy my musical celebration of the winter holiday season!

Featuring The Jennifer Leitham Trio
Jennifer Leitham bass, vocals, water drops, sleighbells
Andy Langham piano
Randy Drake drums, sleighbells

All arrangements by Jennifer Leitham
except for Natureʼs Blessing
arranged by Jennifer Leitham and Scott Whitfield
and Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)
arranged by Jennifer Leitham and Bob Dorough

Producer – Jennifer Leitham
Executive Producers – Jo Ann Martin, Saul Kent, and Roberta Conroy
Recording Engineer – Andy Waterman
Electronic Witch – Sharon Brackett
Photography by Maria Brunner Ventura


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    Jennifer Leitham

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    Holiday, Jazz