A Little Note

  • 22 February 2013

I am deeply grateful to all of the folks in Southern California and across the USA for their belief in and support of me and my endeavors. I am truly blessed by the incredible people who have kept me going through some very trying experiences and who continue to make anything and everything possible in my life and career.

It’s been almost a year since the documentary about me, I STAND CORRECTED was released on the film festival circuit by Andrea Meyerson and Standout Productions. The reaction to the film has been wonderfully uplifting. language translate . I am very proud that it has won so many awards and I’m extremely grateful to all of the people who contributed their time, money and effort to make it what it is, an outstanding film.

The film is about to begin some overseas screenings, hopefully the reaction around the world will come close to the reaction here in the USA. Again, I am truly honored.

But even if there was no film or attention because of it, I am most grateful for the people who have stood by and with me because of the music. It is truly what keeps me going.

Being a musician as a way of life has become more difficult for all who strive to achieve that reality. My unique challenges have magnified that difficulty even more. get backlinks free . Each opportunity that comes my way is treasured and cherished in a much deeper manner than it was before.

The ever growing attendance at my performances has enabled me to keep pursuing my dreams and aspirations. I am humbled by and grateful to all of you.

Thank you,